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About Me

I am a software engineer, art director, and project manager currently living in Barcelona, Spain. My interests range from technology to arts. I am also interested in design, education, and innovation.
You can click the button above to support my charity. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

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We do not work with ads, we give our time, effort and capacity to achieve a better world for all, we use contributions to maintain and support more resources to continue producing, developing and growing as an individual and in society of people within the ecosystem. You are Free to do that you want.

Virtual Files Domain

We will producing, developing and improve anyway.

Instagram Profile

An Other social network with photography and video files.

Twitter Profile

Technolgic social network with twitts of handbooks and other info to learn how to do.


The foundation to care a people of the world.


The techno section to develop a digital information, applications, services, operating systems for work and etertainment.


The Art of pictures and images, real image capture [R.I.C.] with digital reflex camera and smartphone or other devices.

Giphy Profile

More designs from photo pictures to Animated Gif files.


SoundCloud profile with more of 200 audio/music Tracks, to listen, download and use in your favorite Multimedia proyect with Copyright-free [CCBYSA]


Youtube profile with Video tubes of ideas, thinks, tutorials, registers, scenes, subrealistic and/or absurd mountings of things in the Air.


Emby Server for private multimedia cloud, is my backup of DVD movies and my soundtracks.

Miss Klean

Dancer teacher, Musa, Teragril, Nature Engine and Mother of her shameless virtual sons. She is Diamond star and Dance all night under Moon Shine Light.

Wordpress IO

Wordpress web blog engine with themes and plugins, dedicated to give power UP on the net.

Devops Workshop

I Don't forget where I begun.

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